Summer’s Coming!

What’s Up With Elmaz??

Vortext at Hedgebrook!

This is the amazing weekend of women writers exchanging, challenging, community. I am proud to be teachng again this year

Writing Rituals—Centering Your Writer Self Amid Chaos of Everyday Life

with Elmaz Abinader

Elmaz Abinader

Class Description: 
Tapping into our inspiration, finding our writing core, giving ourselves space to do our real work feels impossible. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Our lives are packed, and our world is daunting. How can we sit in the quiet space of our minds and hearts when we are challenged on every level? How do we separate from the anxious world and move into ourselves? Particularly, how do we tap into our writer-selves and free them to write in a state of grace? Developing rituals that prepare us to write, that create transitions from the everyday, that quiet our souls, can help us cross the bridge to writing. By using guided meditations, writing exercises, and preparing our space, we will share quick and thoughtful ways to prepare to dive in. We will use our body, breath, space, and writing to practice writer-self-love and motivation. Whether we are approaching a new project or continuing a larger work, we discover ways to center ourselves, clear out the chaos, and spend at least a few hours in the place we love: writing.

Residency at Cour Commune

Spending time in Voulx France at the cool residency to write, focus and collaborate with Faith Adiele.

Cour Commune has exciting principles that align with my beliefs

CourCommune seeks to make art exist  as a certain poetics of the ordinary . Public spaces, living spaces, landscapes are at the heart of our reflections like so many  contemporary realities . The creation processes are often based on  dynamics of exchanges with the inhabitants  and the taking into account of the physical and historical contexts of the places. These questions are the basis of a reflection on  the place of art and artists in the countryside.


  • Strengthen the artistic and cultural presence in our region.
  • Work on the pooling of artistic creation tools.
  • Develop actions in connection with the inhabitants and the territory.