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Online Workshop

The Power of Voice.

October 8, 20207:00-8:30pm



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Join a community of writers to liberate your individual voice and truly speak, tell, and present your stories/poems/pieces.

Voice is the writer’s fingerprint, a unique combination of inheritance, culture, language, experiences and identity. Voice also is the primary encounter between the writer and the reader/ listener. Often our voice is colonized by institutions and educations and gets lost in requirements, expectations, and decorum. The authentic voice of our characters, our speakers and ourselves are buried in a world of performance. In this online workshop, this community of writers work to liberate our individual voices to truly speak/tell/present our stories/poems/pieces. Specific exercises allow us to unearth our voices, while exchanging with one another to create an exciting writers’ dialogue. We produce pieces where our voices, interior and exterior, come to life. This workshop is taught by and for BIPOC artist disruptors to strengthen their craft, practice and build power.